Welcome to Discovery Machine Inc.

Discovery Machine is focused on helping you leverage knowledge assets across your organization. With our knowledge capture techniques and artificial intelligence technology, Discovery Machine has perfected an approach to capturing and deploying expertise. The latest addition to Discovery Machine’s product line is RESITE. RESITE enables the creation of robust virtual training simulations in minutes using drag-and-drop interfaces.

Imagine the possibilities of creating a virtual simulation that:

  • Exactly matches your facilities and equipment,
  • Lets you define objectives to monitor for completion,
  • Highlights real consequences virtually to emphasize key safety standards,
  • Immerses trainees in a virtual world instead of relying on tired slideshows and manuals, and
  • Automatically assesses performance with built-in student monitoring.

RESITE is the path to enhance trainee engagement quickly, affordably, and efficiently. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how you can leverage RESITE for your training needs.

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