Intelligent Adversary Agents

Simulated Near Peer threat is critical for preparing for the next battle.

Discovery Machine® intelligent adversaries can be air, ground, sea and subsurface. Intelligent adversaries dynamically react to the trainees’ actions to provide the training audience with many opportunities to fine tune tactics in an infinite number of different contexts.

Discovery Machine® intelligent adversary agents are used in a variety of simulations from the Joint Semi-Automated Forces (JSAF) simulation system to the Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE).  Discovery Machine® has developed agents that include a variety of:

  • surface ships
  • subsurface ships
  • rotary wing aircraft
  • fixed wing aircraft
  • ground vehicles.

Simulated Near Peer threat is critical for preparing for the next battle.    We are also developing agents that can be used on the Distributed Mission Operations Network (DMON).    Discovery Machine® is one of only two commercial organizations that have a DMON node at our facility.

Intelligent Adversary agents do not usually communicate with trainees, which makes these agents simpler to produce.   Obtaining adversary strategies and tactics, however, is often classified and sometimes unknown, which can make the knowledge acquisition more challenging.


BCT Capture Adversary
Fac Fiac Adversary
Defend Embankment Adversary
BCT Capture Adversary 1



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