RESITE® A suite of products that enables subject matter experts to author experiences.


RESITE® (Rapidly Encoded Synthetic Immersive Training Environment) is a suite of products that enables subject matter experts to author experiences.  It enables instructional designers to tailor those experiences into lessons that can demonstrate, instruct and assess trainees in realistic environments.  The RESITE® suite also supports the creation of intelligent constructs for use in MUSIC-enabled simulation environments.  Knowledge engineers, 3D modelers, and Developers can leverage the RESITE® suite to provide the building blocks for those authoring experiences.     Finally, the RESITE® suite provides an engine to drive constructs in simulation or operation, as well as a manager for managing those agents during training.

DMI Dashboard

The Discovery Machine® dashboard is designed to be the User Interface (UI) for Discovery Machine, Inc.’s intelligent agents. It provides views and insights into what our intelligent agents are thinking and doing at any moment.

DMI Dashboard

RESITE® Agent Manager

Behavior models created with the RESITE® Agent Manager (RAM) can communicate with other AI entities and human operators via text commands and voice commands. RAM enables instructors to deploy fully automated communicating entities into their training environments. MUSIC is implemented through the RAM. 

Resite Agent Manager

RESITE® Authoring Console

Discovery Machine®’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface in the RESITE® Authoring Console allows users create an unlimited number of scenarios without the need to involve additional technical resources.

Resite Authoring Console

RESITE® Developers Console

The RESITE® Developers Console enables individuals to leverage Discovery Machine®’s proven AI technology for a simulation environment of their choice. Each behavior model created in the RESITE® Developers Console is visual in nature and can be authored with user interfaces instead of scripting.

Resite Developer's Console 1
Resite Developer's Console 2

Population Composer

The Population Composer allows users to define character populations in real world locations for use in simulation environments. 
Resite Populations Composer

RESITE® Simulation

The RESITE® Simulation is an immersive 3D training environment which brings experiences back to life. RESITE® enables experts to create and edit their own 3D, immersive training simulations to teach skills like negotiation, cultural sensitivity training, squad tactics, equipment operation, and more.

Resite Simulation 1
Resite Simulation 2

RESITE® for Military is an immersive 3D training environment



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