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Discovery Machine® Inc. is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company unlike any other.

Discovery Machine® leverages a wide range of AI techniques from knowledge acquisition (KA) to machine learning (ML) to develop “intelligent constructs” for training, decision support and automation. Discovery Machine®‘s highly acclaimed, patented knowledge capture methodology works in conjunction with our patented visual modeling tools to enable the agile production of intelligent constructs. Discovery Machine®’s AI overcomes the limitations of ML imposed by sparse data environments by capturing the mental models trapped in the heads of your organization’s subject matter experts (SME) to bias and direct learning.

Discovery Machine® Intelligent Agents are deployed in the following roles:

Intelligent Constructs

Intelligent construct is a term encompassing both intelligent agents and intelligent devices. Discovery Machine® leverages intelligent constructs to create experiences. These experiences can be used for training or to anticipate operational situations. The RESITE® suite of software enables non-programmers to author experiences by adding, combining and linking constructs into scenarios. Discovery Machine® intelligent constructs leverage subject matter expertise captured from your organizations’ leading experts, which is then deployed into any scene or setting. Discovery Machine® intelligent constructs are also independent of any specific simulation or operational environment.    Discovery Machine® uses the Multi-level Universal Specification for Intelligent Constructs (MUSIC) to integrate with simulations or operational environments.

Discovery Machine® Intelligent Agents are:


Situationally aware



These agents are also paired with intelligent devices which represent complex systems found in the environment.  For example, a virtual instructor can have a mental model of a device which exists in the world such as a natural gas well-head.  The intelligent device can be parameterized to exhibit a wide variety of behaviors resulting in, for example, a variety of pressure gauge readings.  Insofar as the agent’s mental model captures how the device works, it can then use, diagnose or predict the behaviors of the device.  The virtual instructor can also observe trainees to see how they deal with the device and offer assistance when their diagnoses or predictions are incorrect.

Discovery Machine, Inc

Specializing in the capture of knowledge from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for deployment in intelligent constructs (i.e. agents and devices) used within training or decision support systems.



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